Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our family has grown and it has been a fruitful summer!

I thought that I would start to get bored after quitting work, but God seems to have definitely shown me he is in charge and when one door closes another one opens. Our summer ended on a high note with a lovely trip down to Homer. We stayed at a quaint little cabin with a beautiful view of Mt. Redoubt. I had hoped to see more wildlife than we did, but the best we saw was a couple of moose and some beluga whales on the way back into Anchorage. We get to see those all the time though. Still, I marvel at the beauty of Alaska and how God seems have a hand in every aspect of this beautiful land.

A week after we got back we adopted a new addition to our family. Her name is Sophie and I came across her picture while doing work for Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue. It's a rescue organization that Dan and I have been volunteering for now since last April. It's a wonderful organization that helps dogs and puppies find their forever home. It has been wonderful being part of something I feel like I can finally make a difference in the world. Sophie is a sassy little girl that looks a lot like Macintosh. She is a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix. Mac wasn't sure of her the first couple of days, but now they can hardy stand to be apart. I've started going for morning walks with some ladies from church. It's wonderful being out there in the fresh air (getting a little colder now though) and having some time to visit and fellowship with other Christian women. Sophie loves our walks too and it is nice being able to finally have a dog that will stay right by me and come when called! Dan thinks she is still insecure, I think she is loyal and is showing her appreciation for being given another chance at a good home. Her last home was very loving too, they just couldn't afford to keep her due to rising medical bills of their own. She definitely has some more puppy like behaviors that Mac never really had so we are back in training classes with Theresa. She graduates next week and has done pretty well.

Heavenly Father must have been laughing at the time he decided to bring Sophie into our lives as we were already planning to get a Welsch Pembroke Corgi from Daniel's sister who breeds adn raises them. I had hoped to get it for Dan's birthday in July and surprise him with it, but we had to wait a bit longer. Well in the process of Dan coordinating things with his sister is when Sophie came across the radar. She just looks so much like Mac (Dan will disagree with me on that statement, but she really does). Well after having Sophie for just over a month, the arrangements have been made for "Corgi Day". I'm not sure how ready for three dogs I am and I am worried that Dan's dog will still become "my" dog. Next week we'll find out I guess!

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