Thursday, February 10, 2011

I've been Published!

Last spring I was invited by my friends Jessica and Justin to go watch Justin in the lead role of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at Alaska Pacific University where Jessica works. As usual, I took my camera along to take some pictures. I wanted Justin to have some pictures of his "big" debut ;) (For those that don't know, Justin is extremely talented musician and singer!)

As luck would have it, a good handful of pictures turned out pretty well. I was quite happy given that it was pretty low lighting. I gave the best 4 or so pictures to Jessica for her to be able to use for APU promotional use including their newsletter. It was pretty neat knowing that my picture was going to get published with my byline. Justin and Jessica have been so good to Daniel and I and we are such good friends that it was a pleasure to do it for them. That was last spring and I figured that was the end of that set of pictures for the most part.

Today though Jessica let me know that my picture now is appearing in an article featured in U.S News & World Report in their online site. APU is apparently one of the top grad schools in the country. While none of the photographers whose pictures are featured were credited in the article where their picture appears, I still consider it a huge step forward in my career to becoming a real professional photographer. Here's the link to see the article and all the pictures. My photo is #6 in the series. It's the theater one in case it shows up differently on your screen.

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