Friday, February 4, 2011

My thoughts on Egypt

Over the past week we have all been hearing about the upheaval in Egypt from those who are still able to report from over there. Now, even though I have studied Political Science and other governmental studies, I will be the first to admit that it's an area of conversation that really does not hold my interest. For this, tonight I was called insensitive. I consider myself a great patriot of my own country, the United States of America and while I do care about the rest of the world, I've just always been one that if it does not directly affect me (quite frankly immediately) then I have a harder time staying interested. The reason for this may at first sound like a lack of empathy. Yet, I ask those reading this where other countries have been when the US has been in need of aid?

Right now over 20% of our nation is suffering from a severe ice and snow storm. We are not talking a few inches, we are talking enough snow and ice to halt entire school systems, shut down the trucking industry or at least delay it and people dying from the extreme temperatures in areas that they are not used to getting. A good friend of mine was not able to get to her doctor's appointment because the office closed so that their pregnant patients would not have to risk their lives and their babies lives to come in for their appointments. My question to the individual that called me insensitive tonight is this - is your country reporting on the status of my country in any way shape or form? I highly doubt it. Yet, for some reason the USA has to feel like it has to stick its nose in everyone else's business. Yes, a lot of the time it is warranted-to an extent, but I would also like to see us step back a bit and see if these other countries can actually for once stand up for themselves.

I for one am very proud of the Egyptian people for demanding the reform they want. I don't recall in any of our history books any other country (except maybe the French) coming to our aid when we wanted freedom from England. No, instead we got together as patriots and said enough is enough we want our own country. This is no less than what the Egyptians are doing in a sense. If they ask for the USA's help then that is one thing, but I think it is highly presumptuous for us to nose into their business with our own news reporters and basically rubberneck a potential trainwreck if that is what it comes to and "report" on it for all hours of the day and night when there are other matters closer to home I would like to hear about first, especially since nothing substantial has happened as of yet. He agreed that he would not run again, now that was substantial and made sense to report on. What happened today I don't think warranted a "special report"

Yes, I was a bit miffed that a daytime show I was watching got interrupted today all to report on this news reporter getting to interview the Egyptian President, oh and also that she got to see his family. Was that really a call for a "Special Report" when that is something that could have been reported on the nightly news that airs at least twice in most of this country? To me, a special report would be a high official getting severely injured, the Chilean miners finally getting rescued, or another county getting bombed. Not to come on the air for ten minutes talking about an interview that they weren't even giving the specifics of at that time and waited UNTIL the nightly news to give.

My life might be impacted by what is going on in Egypt, only time will tell. If it does, can I please have a "special report" on the news about how one individaul's life has been changed by something a world away? Oh please say I can! OH, did that sound insensitive? Perhaps...then again, some people just can't take sarcasm!

I find it funny how people I know both very well and maybe some not so well always have such nice compliments about how kind and thoughtful I am, etc yet when I choose to speak my mind it's a different story. It's not because they don't really know me, it's only because I don't speak my mind very often because I am one that doesn't like conflict. Well, I've decided that is going to change in 2011. I am planning on speaking my mind more. This does not mean I am not going to be the same caring and thoughtful individual that I always have been and always will be, one that I know my parents would be proud to say they raised that way. Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I will lay down my life for those I care about, which happens to be a lot of people - my family and more friends than I can count. It simply means that I plan on expressing my opinion, my real opinion and not the one you want to hear, a lot more. If you don't like it, then you don't have to, that's your opinion. We can agree to disagree!