Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't believe this year is nearly over and I've only posted once this whole year!

I've been actually reading a lot of blogs lately to inspire me to keep up with my own personal blog. It just occurred to me that I've only posted once, maybe twice this whole year! My excuse...I don't have one! I am admittedly the world's worst blogger! No wonder nobody ever reads my blogs...well, for the most part.

So a little update on life here in Alaska. We are STILL here. Feels like forever now. However, things are going well and we really like it here, minus the frigid cold temps in the winter! I have been on bedrest for the majority of the year due to a pressure sore. It's official, my body hates me and doesn't want to heal! I've had actually quite a bit of time on my hands...so why haven't I been blogging? Ugh...yep, the thought of not keeping up with my blog is slowly now driving me insane! I really have no excuses for not posting anything. Okay...letting it go...for now at least.

I have been busy getting the photography business going. It's slowly getting off the ground and I had my first gallery showing of sorts back in Septemeber (yep, should have blogged about that too...did I? Nope!). I am really enjoying learning new portrait techniques though and getting more and more business.

This past weekend was quite chaotic and fun! Since I am "technically" not allowed out of bed for any long length of time, my husband who has been wonderful since I've had to be on bedrest did a marvelous job getting the house ready for Christmas portraits that people have been requesting. I had a newborn shoot to do as well as my first of several family Christmas portraits to do. Silly me thought I could do them all in one day. I did, but I'm regretting it a bit now....okay, digressing yet again.

So...the night before the day before the shoot, Dan got the house all decorated with the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations that made the house very festive looking. I did also have to send him out to the store to get a few other last minute prop ideas I had for the newborn shoot. Here is how the following conversation went regarding the shopping trip:

Dan (calling on the phone) They do not appear to have any cornacopias at Michaels. Thanksgiving isle is pretty much picked over or we totally missed the holiday...any other ideas?

Me: Pine cones, do they have those?

Dan: Kinda, they have glitter on them though....you know, the herpes of craft products

Me: Okay, those won't really work either...just don't forget the ribbon I need. Try Walmart or Fred Meyers for the cornacopia

Dan: Okay....still don't know why you are insisting on stuffing a kid inside a cornacopia...remind me to shoot Ann Geddes later!

Me: Just see what you can find....oh, and dont' forget the stuff I need at Anita's place.

Dan: Okay...see you soon.

30 minutes or so later.......

Dan walking through the door walking in with much more than I needed and or asked for but I was not going to complain. He did awesome! As he is bringing in everything and putting the bags on the bed for me to go through....the best line of the night came next:

Dan: I don't think I have ever felt so gay in my life!

Me: Why?

Dan: Well, when you are at a store like Michaels or Walmart in the craft areas or more "female" aisles and saying things out loud like "oh that's cute or oh that would be a fun prop, oh I like that one, etc." the women around start looking at you funny...as they are pulling their children closer to them.

I LOVE my husband! And just for the record...he IS NOT GAY! LOL!

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