Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had intentions of writing a very funny post to go along with today's Thanksgiving well-wishes to everyone. I had it all mapped out. See, I get my best "thoughts or ideas of the day" while in the shower. I had one today in fact. I even told Dan about it when I got out of the you think I could remember it now though? Nope! This leads me to the conclusion that I suck at blogging funny stuff like others are able to do because of my short term memory loss. Yep, that has to be it. Otherwise, you guys would be reading the funniest stuff ever! Trust me, there is really never a dull conversation around here at our house. Dull moments maybe, but not dull conversations.

Today was Thanksgiving 2011. Given that it was just the two of us and no family in town this year and nobody had invited us over, we decided to hit up Golden Corral. I mean, what could be better, an all you can eat buffet on Thanksgiving? Heck yes! We were not the only ones with this idea apparently. When we got there at noon (mind you they opened at 10:30) it was already packed! People were fighting over parking spaces and by the time we got through the line it was a fight almost to get to the turkey and other dishes! Still, it beat not having dishes to do this evening and we spent much less than most families do on a regular turkey dinner and we got much more! Bawahahah! (or however that is spelled...Dan has boycotted now helping me write my posts all because I said it makes me nervous to have him watch me write....geesh!) .

The hightlight of dinner had to be two-fold. First, the fire alarm went off right where we were sitting. Luckily it was just the emergency alarm that went off, no sprinklers or flashing lights. The last thing I needed was to have a seizure on Thanksgiving! After about five minutes of that going off, Dan had finally come back with the seconds I had sent him off for, he didn't even hear the alarm go off. That tells you how loud it was in there! Okay, so second highlight was funnier and I literally laughed for about 5 minutes straight! Peach cobbler was the "highlight" dessert of the afternoon apparently as they kept running out of it before we could get any. Well, a lady with her family that was sitting across from us was coming back with a small bowl and I overheard her say it was the peach cobbler! In my excitement of starting to act like a small child telling Dan "now, go get it now, must have peach cobbler now!" I saw that the woman carrying the peach cobbler while trying to get back into her seat tipped the bowl ever so slightly that the oh so yummy dessert began to drip.....straight down into her daughter's hair! I tried to say something but they couldn't hear and I just began laughing to hard! The little girl did too and the dripping finally stopped but all I could think about was that poor girl and trying to get that out of her hair since her mom was totally oblivious to what had happened! I did at least mouth to her to ask if she as okay and she nodded back and we both had a good laugh about it! Only at Golden Corral, right?!

After stuffing ourselves silly at GC, we went to go see "Hugo" at the theater. Great movie, highly recommend it! Don't want to ruin it for you, just trust me, go see it! Then we came home where the dogs overall seem upset that they did not get any turkey for Thanksgiving...greedy brats, they must have forgot that Dan gave them an extra helping of kibble this morning!


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