Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa's Little Helpers

It's time for Santa pictures again. It's a pretty big event that Dan and I have been in charge of for the last 3 years to help a local dog rescue group we are involved in. It's a very stressful project because well, we usually end up doing about 90% of the work by ourselves. Dan loves doing it though and we love helping the dogs out.

This year has been especially stressful since my doctor has restricted me to bedrest to help heal my pressure sore...can we say really bad timing! Without getting into specifics since I have no idea who will read this, let's just say that this year it seems like one thing after another has happened to almost make this Christmas year not happen for the wonderful dogs and puppies.

A month ago I ordered all the backdrops and other props I knew I wanted to use. Backdrop outlet was having a great 11-11-11 sale. How could I resist right? Lots of great Christmas stuff on sale! card in hand, I placed my order. I waited about a week or two and still no order. I contacted the company only to be told they had received a lot of orders (geez, you think!) and they were making stuff as fast as they could. Now, call me crazy but if you are offering stuff shown in pictures and putting it on sale, I would venture to assume that you'd at least have some of this stuff prepped ahead of time! Then again, we all know what assuming does?! So after explaining my dilemma to their customer service and why I needed my order so fast, I was told they would get it out as soon as posssible. A month later it still isn't here! My best friend got hers yesterday so I figured mine would be here today. Nope! Today's email was that they delivered it to the wrong post office...3 hours away! So I called that post office and they said that it was on the truck and headed to Anchorage. I will get it sometime tomorrow. Guess when the shoot is? Yep, tomorrow! Luckily I should have everything ready for next week's second shoot.

By the time Dan got home, given everything that happened with the post office and other issues that had gone wrong, I'd just about lost it. Then as Dan walks in he has his new Santa glasses on. Now, yes they still had the tag on them so that when I looked up I was trying to figure out what that funny thing was in the middle of the glasses was. When I asked and he responded rather irritated like I should have known it was a tag! Well, that got the water works going! Yeah, it's also that time of month for the hormones and moods to be all over the place! TMI....yeah, but you read this so that's your fault! LOL....okay, so back to the story.

I guess posting all my frustration out on facebook must have concerned a lot of people. My friend Kathy offered to bring me a pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen! She is so sweet and plus she knew where a lot of my frustrations with this project was coming from so she was good to vent to for a bit. Thank you Kathy! Then my friends Marco and Becky called...well, Becky called but I could hear Marco in the background so that still counts. Becky offered to help be a second photographer tomorrow! I also got in a couple of more volunteers tonight too!

Even though this afternoon started off really bad and I was feeling really down, it's as if God could hear and see my frustrations and sent several Santa's helpers my way! Now all I have to do is finish getting things ready for tomorrow and leave it all in their hands since I am not allowed to be up for more than 20 minutes at a time. I'll probably break that rule a bit just to make sure things get started smoothly, but I have awesome photography friends and several other friends who have pitched in at the last minute and I can't thank you all enough for your love and support!

In the end, I don't care if I do get thanked, I do it for the dogs. I do want those that have helped me though to know I appreciate all of you for helping out!

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