Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Today was our 3rd wedding anniversary. Since we couldn't really take time off right now to go anywhere as we have the last two years and seems to be our anniversary tradition, we kept it fairly low-key. Next weekend we will be going to Fairbanks so it will be like a belated anniversary trip. Dan got me the patio bench I had been wanting to complete the front garden. He also got me a gift card to the spa I go to which I know will come in handy soon. I couldn't decide what to get him this year that was within my budget so I just opted for the easy way out and got him a gift card to Best Buy. He liked it as it will get him exactly what he wants. We went to dinner at Kinley's which is a nice new restaurant in town. We thought we would be okay having the night to ourselves as mom said dad would be in the hospital for one more night. However, right as we were leaving the restaurant mom called on my cell to say she had just brought him home. The doctor said he was doing so well that there wasn't any point in keeping him there when he could go sleep more comfortably in his own bed. So we stopped by to see him on our way home. He is doing very well but tires out easily still. He has his sense of humor back for sure and is really glad to be home.

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