Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day trip to Mirror Lake

Today we went out to Mirror Lake where Dan's company was having his company picnic. We got fortunate enough that the weather stayed fairly nice the whole day. It was a bit overcast when we got there but the sun came out within an hour or so and things warmed up a bit. It was a nice time getting to meet more of Dan's co-workers and their families. Two of the ladies that work in the office as clerical support were in charge of putting together some fun games that we got to participate in. The first one was a treasure hunt around the park area. It was total chaos as Dan pushed me along the grass and gravel really fast so we could keep up with our teammates. He wanted to make sure I participated though and was great about keeping me involved. The second event that we, the wives that is, made our husbands do was the obstacle course that they had set up. Dan and his two friends didn't want to do it because they were afraid of looking silly in the "tech" suits (aka garbage bags) so they decided to let that go as part of the rules. Dan, Buddy and John all got out there and "ran" the obstacle course mainly out of defiance I think. It was pretty funny to watch. The third event was the smashing of old computer equipment that three employees whose names were drawn got to do. Dan was one of the three and had alot of fun smashing up old printers and copiers to find the hidden gift certificate that he found. They also had water balloons for the kids as well as a pinata. It was a great day and a good chance to take lots of pictures of an area I haven't really ever been to before. Dan's company is really good to their employees and we ended up getting several gift cards as prizes.

I'll upload pictures tomorrow as right now it is very late and I'm pretty tired. So check back here in a day or two for more posts and pictures. I'm actually post editing our blog as I really haven't had the time in the last couple of weeks to post our major activities.

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