Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on my dad

I wanted to give everyone an update on how dad is doing. I haven't had the chance to get on in the last couple of days...sorry!

Tuesday we went up to the hospital to see him after Dan and I got off work. We took him a strawberry shake which he loved! He said he hadn't been too hungry, just really thirsty. He looked much better on Tuesday compared to Monday. They took his I.V out and had started getting him up for PT. He had managed to get up about 3 times on Tuesday. He said his butt muscles hurt more than anything else! He seems to be in good spirits and is getting back to is awnry self!

Yesterday I talked to mom on the phone and she said that he was still doing good. He has to watch his pain level though and not let it get out of control. He apparently finally asked for his pain medicine at about 5 in the morning and then felt better. He'd been up again doing his PT and had managed to make it around the nurse's station. Mom was getting all the equipment he will need at home and as soon as the lift chair gets delivered Dan will go over and help get it setup. Last night was Dan and I's 3rd anniversary so we went out to dinner since we expected dad to not be released until Thursday. However, mom called right as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant and said he had been discharged already and she had just gotten him home. We had planned to take him home in the van, but she said she might as well start learning how to get him in and out of their vehicle. She said he was able to walk into the house with his walker okay. We stopped by on our way home to see him and take mom something to drink. He was sitting up and had a friend over and was doing good. He is looking really good and his color is also back to normal. He will start his home health in the next few days which will include in-home PT for a couple of weeks and then will start out-patient therapy.

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