Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Official - We're Having a baby!

This morning we got up early to make it into the doctor's office as soon as they opened. Daniel has been so wonderful to me (as he always is I might add) since we found out we were expecting. He makes sure I am taking my vitamins and made sure I ate a well-rounded breakfast this morning. Other than already starting to have cravings, I am feeling great.

We didn't have to wait long at the doctor's office to get the blood workup that she had ordered. The test included a pregnancy test to confirm, a check of my thyroid level and a check of my progestrone level. All in all it was somewhat anti-climatic. However, as we were waiting for me to get a shot, boost rather, of progestrone, my arm started bleeding where they had drawn the blood. It wasn't anything major, but I just thought it was funny because I hardly ever bleed like that! I guess all those hormones are really kicking in! I was told I'd have to wait till toward the end of the day to get my results.

Well, when we left Joy's office (she is the fertility specialist we've been seeing for awhile now) I really wanted to stop by my primary care doctor's office and see if they could move my appointment I was to have on Thursday to sooner just so I could let her know and discuss things with her. As luck would have it, when we got there to talk to her office staff, they had an immediate opening! So of course we took it. I also had an extra incentive to go in earlier. I knew she could run a urine test and confirm the pregnancy within 30 minutes!

As soon as we got to the exam room, the nurse asked what we were being seen for today. When I told her the news she was very excited! She knew we'd been trying to conceive for awhile and was one of the few people who actually did know. I went ahead and completed the traditional urine test despite Dan wanting me to just wait for the blood results instead...something about killing rabbits? I think it's an old wives tale he has heard somewhere. However, I went ahead and took the test.

We didn't have to wait long to get the results either. Within about 15 minutes the doctor came into the room with the announcement "Well here's the first piece of paper for the baby book" and was all smiles. It looks like my due date is around January 15th. At least I avoided a December baby, just barely though!

We spent the rest of the day doing research on the computer to start preparing for our first OBGYN visit and other health insurance related matters. Dan took the day off to celebrate himself. I believe his comment was "I just found out I am going to be a father, I think I deserve to take the day off!" I'm glad he did too because it gave me a chance to rest while he did housework for me and we could just enjoy the day together. It was great being able to relax and take a nap while he cleaned the yard. I could definitely get used to being pampered like this!

I called the fertility specialist later in the afternoon. She said that for the most part things looked good but that my progestrone level was a tad lower than what she would like. Mine is at 15.9 and she really likes it to be over 20. So I have to go on progestrone for the next 5 weeks just to make sure that everything is going to stay stable and hopefully get those levels up a littler higher for baby's safety. I have to go back on Wednsday to have my levels rechecked.

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