Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sad day for the mommy-to-be

This morning my parents and I said "see you later" as they headed out on their drive to St. Louis. I know my mom didn't want to get me upset and cause any undue stress on me or the baby so we kept everything as light as possible. They had stopped off at Target before coming over here and brought us a surprise. It's our first baby gifts. Mom said she had a hard time finding anything gender neutral so she just had to get us two things. I of course have to take pictures of both because they are so adorable that words just don't describe them. For now, her nickname for the baby has been pea (as in sweet pea) but she couldn't find anything that said "pea" on it so she had to go with a very cute blanket that has a green elephant on it that says "little peanut".

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