Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day, May 9th 2010. It's a day to celebrate all the wonderful mothers who do so much for their families. I have to admit, despite having a wonderful mother and a great mother-in-law, since I have been married, it is the one holiday I haven't really looked forward to as it is just another reminder that Daniel and I still have not been able to have children despite our best efforts. We really did not want to do any extreme measures and have left it in Heavenly Father's hands as to what size our family will be.

I figured that this Mother's Day would be similar as to most others since getting married. Dan's mother always sends me a card celebrating my "mothering" her grand furbabies as she calls them. It usually helps me get through the day. We then take my mom (and dad if he is in town) to either a brunch of some sort or dinner.

This year was a bit different. Dan had to go to work in the morning so we couldn't do breakfast with mom this year and opted for dinner instead. When he got home, he had gotten me a beautiful teapot shaped ceramic teapot flower pot and a beautiful spring bouquet. We or rather I joked about how it really should be called Happy Primary Caregivers Day to honor those who are not necessarily "mothers" but still take care of their little family/home just the same. We needed to go to the store before dinner to get a couple of things. While we were there, I decided that since it was Mother's Day and I already knew I was "late" with a certain female ritual, to pick up an EPT test. I honestly didn't think it would be positive since it hasn't ever been. Then we went to dinner with mom and had a very nice dinner.

Am I leaving you hanging like this on purpose? Of course not. This time next year I will be celebrating my first official Mother's Day! By the time this posting is made public, I will be 12 weeks pregnant! We will have told my parents and Dan's parents by then. I'm only hoping that mom is not too upset that we didn't tell her on Mother's Day. Honestly, I was still in shock (yes I for some reason took the test before dinner in case you are wondering) and we wanted to wait to get official confirmation from my doctor first and get past that risky 6-8 week period that I have read so much about in the last 24 hours. I also really wanted to wait for my dad to be back in town so we could tell both of them at the same time. I am extremely nervous and scared right now about miscarrying and just don't feel as though I can take having to tell people twice if something were to happen.

We love you all and look forward to taking this journey together and sharing it with all of our family and friends that we love so much.

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